Episode #89

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00:06:51 News
00:54:57 KDE Plasma 5.8
01:15:47 Feedback
01:24:51 Phoenix OS

With Joe and Jesse positively gushing over Plasma 5.8, this is clearly not your great-grandfather’s KDE. And sticking with the desktop theme, we also span up Phoenix OS, a properly windowed Android for your PC or tablet.

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00:06:51 News

Global PC Shipments Declined for the Eighth Consecutive Quarter
Lenovo in talks to buy Fujitsu’s loss-making PC business

Running Ubuntu on Intel Bay Trail and Cherry Trail Devices
GCC RISC-V Support Allegedly Held Up Due To University Lawyers

Mobile developers now top 12 million, and they can’t get enough of Android
Cyanogen OS goes modular: Offers phone makers option to license specific features

Video: Fireside Chat with David Rusling and Linus Torvalds
Video: Lennart Poettering: State of the Union/Portable Services

Here’s Everything Google Announced Today
Google may just have silently snuffed the tablet computer
Many Android 7.1 features are Pixel-exclusive, and Nexuses can’t get it yet
Verizon will control Android updates for Google Pixel phones it sells
Pixel and Pixel XL: Google Declares War on Samsung and Apple
Samsung just bought a potential Siri-killer from the guys who originally created Siri
Samsung – Collision course

Google is demoting Hangouts to “optional” in the Google Apps package for Android, to be replaced by Duo
Google will ‘increasingly focus’ Hangouts on business customers

Disappearing messages for Signal
Wire, the Encrypted Chat App, Is Now Available for Linux

Apple to Block WoSign Intermediate Certificates
WoSign Incidents Report Update — 7th Oct 2016
Remediation Plan for WoSign and StartCom
StartSSL certs are now valid for 3 years

Black Lab Linux is going commercial only
Tim Berners-Lee just gave us an opening to stop DRM in Web standards

00:54:57 KDE Plasma 5.8

With Jesse back running KaOS, Joe took another look at the KDE Plasma desktop in the form of KDE neon. And he found much to like, in particular the KDEConnect mobile-to-desktop bridge.

01:15:47 Feedback

A huge thank you to Patrizio Bekerle, William Mason and Peter Jones for becoming our latest Monthly Supporters — thanks, guys!

As ever, our conversation with friend of the show Rob Landley went down well, with praise coming in from Patrizio Bekerle, LukeVideo, Bacon Zombie and CubicleNate; and Rob got involved in the comments, writing lengthy replies to Will and Campbell Barton. A suggestion that we hear from somebody on the other side of the GPL enforcement debate was made by Will, and all we can say is that we’d be very open to that — so if Bradley or Karen are listening, do get in touch.

Jesse apologised to Dr M Majid Saleem on behalf of us all for overlooking his email about a short blog series he wrote explaining why he thinks that GNOME is the best desktop to run on a touchscreen convertible device.

Hauke Laging wrote to chastise us for suggesting that listeners ought to look around for a local event tied in with the upcoming Linux Presentation Day, and pointed out that perhaps we should have recommended they organise their own. Fair point, Hauke, but perhaps a little optimistic. As, sadly, was CubicleNate’s suggestion that if some of the big names in the Linux space could set their differences aside, they could come together to take on iOS and Android in the mobile space. A lovely idea, but one likely never to be realised due to der Narzissmus der kleinen Differenzen.

Joe ended the feedback segment by mentioning our affiliate relationship with Digital Ocean. We wouldn’t recommend a service if we didn’t use it ourselves and rate it highly; we do, and they’re great! So if you are looking for a cost-effective box in the public cloud with a big fat pipe out to the rest of the world, do give them a try with a free $10 credit courtesy of your Luddites.

01:24:51 PhoenixOS

We’ve looked at several OSs that attempt to turn Android into a usable desktop, but it’s fair to say that none have worked quite as slickly as PhoenixOS. That’s not to say that the provenance of Phoenix didn’t cause us a few issues, and both its symbiotic relation with Windows and lack of clarity on licensing also raise some big red flags. But we thought you’d like a glimpse of the sort of future that Google may have planned for us all, so settle back and hear how we got on with this properly windowing desktop Android.

Linux LudditesAs ever, we’d welcome your feedback about the show either here on our website, via a mail to show@, on Twitter @linuxluddites, or over at our Google Plus and Facebook Community pages.

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Episode #88

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00:04:55 News
00:51:49 Feedback
01:01:36 Rob Landley Interview

With GPL enforcement back in the news, we thought we’d cut through the bull and speak to someone who’s been there, done that, and only got a very tattered T-shirt in return. So, after our usual news and feedback, we welcomed Rob Landley back on the show to find out about real-world enforcement, and to talk a little about Linux’s rise to prominence.

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00:04:55 News

B2G OS and Gecko Annoucement (sic)
Pursim phone survey
Chromification Continues: Firefox May Use Chrome’s PDF and Flash Plugins
Mozilla wants woeful WoSign certs off the list

Google Chrome Beta For Android Now Lets You Play YouTube In The Background
Google Announces YouTube Go in India: The Data-Friendly Way to YouTube
Google Allo’s limitations explained in one word: “India”
How Allo and Duo Want to Complicate Messaging by Fracturing the Market
Google Allo review: This is fine
Google backs off on previously announced Allo privacy feature

Introducing PIXEL
The Slashdot Interview With Raspberry Pi Founder and CEO Eben Upton

What’s really going on with Microsoft, Lenovo and Linux
Microsoft aren’t forcing Lenovo to block free operating systems
Lenovo, Intel, Synaptics, and PayPal are working to kill passwords on your next laptop

And! it! begins!! Yahoo! sued! over! ultra-hack! of! 500m! Accounts!
InfoArmor says Not a State Actor
Congressional Leaders Demand Answers on Yahoo Breach
Defending Against Hackers Took a Back Seat at Yahoo, Insiders Say
2016 On Track To See Over 1 Billion Records Breached
Changing Passwords After a Breach Is Still Way Too Hard
Should you trust sites like https://haveibeenpwned.com?

ORWL – The First Open Source, Physically Secure Computer

00:51:49 Feedback

A huge thank you to Thomas Denning for your PayPal donation, and to Gabe Norwood and David Lindberg for joining our small but honoured band of Monthly Supporters. Thanks, guys!

We mentioned Linux Presentation Day 2016.2 on October 22, do have a look to see if an event is happening locally.

The age-old question of quantity versus quality in FOSS projects was raised by CubicleNate, and Marian Gasparovic got in touch regarding one of the newest, the Nextcloud Box.

Jon Spriggs pointed out that we’re just entering Hacktoberfest, which is a great excuse to get involved in a project; and Jesse extended his thanks to both Jon, and also Jerry (from the Admin Admin podcast), for their firewall feedback.

Lars Falk-Petersen flagged up his project to us, which finds an interesting use for the venerable finger command, and a question from Dave Lindberg allowed Joe to once again plug Boot-Repair.

01:01:36 Rob Landley Interview

We last spoke to Rob in show #11, so felt it high time we had him back on. Starting off with the recent brouhaha on the Kernel Summit mailing list, we touched upon GPL enforcement, the historical context of the success of Linux, how Rob’s Toybox project (now in vanilla Android) is progressing, and the future for the Linux desktop — which Rob firmly believes is in mobile. Once again, thanks for your time, Rob!

Linux LudditesAs ever, we’d welcome your feedback about the show either here on our website, via a mail to show@, on Twitter @linuxluddites, or over at our Google Plus and Facebook Community pages.

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Episode #87

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00:05:20 News
00:44:44 PiBakery, Tasksel & Magic Device Tool
00:59:30 Feedback
01:12:22 elementary OS Loki

As well as our regular news and feedback, this show we talk about PiBakery, Tasksel and Magic Device Tool, which are three utilities that could improve your productivity. And also the latest release of elementary OS, which won’t.

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00:05:20 News

The Document Foundation: Annual Report 2015

Micro Focus to buy HPE arm for US$8.8b
Has HPE bought SUSE? No. But here’s what did happen…

AlienBOB losing job

The Linux Foundation and edX Announce New, Free Introduction to OpenStack Course
Yahoo open-sources Pulsar, a low-latency alternative to Apache Kafka

Sony wins battle over preinstalled Windows in Europe’s top court
European court says linking to illegal content is copyright infringement
European Union plans to offer free Wi-Fi to all
EU ends anonymity and rules open Wi-Fi Hotspots need a password
10 Years in Prison For Online Pirates a Step Closer in the UK

Delete Google Maps? Go ahead, says Google, we’ll still track you
St Jude sues short-selling MedSec over pacemaker ‘hack’ report

World eats its 10 millionth Raspberry Pi
Look Ma, no hardware! Coding the Raspberry Pi in a web emulator
Nextcloud Box – a private cloud and IoT solution for home users

Wimpy has a new job

00:44:44 PiBakery, Tasksel & Magic Device Tool

We spoke briefly about three different setup and configuration management tools: PiBakery for the Raspberry Pi, Tasksel for Debian-based distros and Magic Device Tool for mobiles.

00:59:30 Feedback

A huge thank you to all of our Monthly Supporters. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Will and Campbell Barton got in touch to gently chide us following our recent chat about desktop customisation on Linux, and Campbell also had some advice for Jesse about shell swapping.

In answer to Rolf, Joe and Paddy pointed out that to reach potential new users of Linux we need to be where they are, which is why we decided to frequent a slightly rough new neighbourhood in the social media scene.

Rich and Will pitched in with their thoughts on Sandstorm, a platform that’s more complex and powerful than first meets the eye, and is something we may well return to in a future show.

01:12:22 elementary OS Loki

With 517 days having passed since the release of Freya, our interest was piqued by the recent and well publicised launch by the elementary team of Loki, the latest upgrade to their desktop-focused OS. After well over a year’s worth of development, surely this incarnation of the Mac look-alike would manage to address the shortcomings we noted previously?

Linux LudditesAs ever, we’d welcome your feedback about the show either here on our website, via a mail to show@, on Twitter @linuxluddites, or over at our Google Plus and Facebook Community pages.

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Episode #86

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00:01:05 News
00:38:04 UbuCon Europe 2016
00:47:20 fish Shell
00:58:55 Feedback
01:10:29 Desktop Customisation

After the news, we hear about the upcoming UbuCon Europe from two of the organisers, Jesse goes fishing for compliments on his new choice of shell, we chew over your feedback, and round things off by disagreeing about the benefits of desktop customisation.

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00:01:05 News

Linux turns 25, is bigger and more professional than ever
Live from LinuxCon – Sharing the latest news and learnings on Microsoft’s open journey
Linus Torvalds says GPL was defining factor in Linux’s success
The kernel community confronts GPL enforcement

Android Nougat drops support for Nexus 5 and 2013 Nexus 7
Google Wi-Fi Assistant coming to a (newish) Nexus phone near you
Google brings in-app search feature to its Android app

European Copyright Leak Exposes Plans to Force the Internet to Subsidize Publishers
EU Copyright Law Undermines Innovation and Creativity on the Internet. Mozilla is Fighting for Reform
International Fair Use Developments: Is Fair Use Going Global?

Facebook is giving away the software it uses to understand objects in photos
The long-awaited Maru OS source release
Raspbian OS: Consider It Compromised

Ryan Sipes: Meet the new Community Manager at System 76 (me)
Purism announces the creation of its Advisory Board

00:38:04 UbuCon Europe 2016

We spoke with Michael Hall and Sujeevan Vijayakumaran about the European UbuCon that’ll be held in Essen 18-20 November 2016.

00:47:20 fish Shell

Jesse attempted to convince Joe and Paddy of the supposed benefits of the fish shell.

00:58:55 Feedback

A huge thank you to Vipul Agarwal and Johan Nilsson for keeping the show on the road by becoming Monthly Supporters. If you enjoy what we do, why not join them?

Following up on our comments about IoT security, Will got in touch and Jesse mentioned that some manufacturers shockingly take this stuff seriously.

Will also had some thoughts about the Lumina Desktop, as did Florian and CubicleNate. Thanks, guys.

Kelly Price reached out to share how they’d tricked out their Acer C710 with 16GB RAM and was running GalliumOS on it. Slight overkill, maybe, but I bet it flies!

Wrapping things up, Ian Barton wondered if we’d come across sandstorm.io. Turns out it’s something none of us have looked at in more than passing, so we’ve mentally filed for a deeper dive next time we compare personal cloud solutions.

01:10:29 Desktop Customisation

Although you can still tweak a lot of desktop settings manually, both ChaletOS and Zorin OS provide simple theme changers that switch a whole lot of settings in one fell swoop — and limit your options for doing so.

With Microsoft only recently baking in a dark theme to add to the very limited desktop customisation available out of the box on Windows, we chewed around whether the ability to easily and endlessly tinker with our Linux desktops was a good thing or not.

Linux LudditesAs ever, we’d welcome your feedback about the show either here on our website, via a mail to show@, on Twitter @linuxluddites, or over at our Google Plus and Facebook Community pages.

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Episode #85

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00:04:10 News
00:52:07 GalliumOS
01:00:19 Feedback
01:13:45 Lumina Desktop Environment

First impressions matter, so it’s a bit of a shame that the new Lumina desktop looks fugly out of the box. Something it shares with Xfce which, smartened up in GalliumOS, is proving a real keeper on Joe’s Chromebook. So is there hope for Lumina?

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00:04:10 News

Software Should Be Free: The FSF’s first Annual Report

Christoph Hellwig’s case against VMware dismissed
Hellwig Announces He Will Appeal VMware Ruling After Evidentiary Set Back in Lower Court

Libgcrypt/GnuPG Hit By Critical Security Problem Since 1998
Btrfs RAID 5/6 Code Found To Be Very Unsafe & Will Likely Require A Rewrite
We Have Come to an Agreement to Get VeraCrypt Audited
VeraCrypt Audit Under Way; Email Mystery Cleared Up

Study Highlights Serious Security Threat to Many Internet Users
Linux bug leaves USA Today, other top sites vulnerable to serious hijacking attacks
Linux bug leaves 1.4 billion Android users vulnerable to hijacking attacks

Canonical Makes It Easy to Port Native iOS and Android Apps to Ubuntu Mobile OS
Canonical Becomes a Patron of KDE e.V.
Introducing the Qt Lite project — Qt for any platform, any thing, any size

Almost every Volkswagen sold since 1995 can be unlocked with an Arduino
75 Percent of Bluetooth Smart Locks Can Be Hacked
“Smart” Electrical Socket Leaks Your Email Address, Can Launch DDoS Attacks
Omega2: $5 Linux Computer with Wi-Fi, Made for IoT
Turn Your Motorola Android Phone Into a Raspberry Pi

Leaving Mycroft

London cops waste £2.1m on thought crime unit – and they want volunteer informers

PowerShell is open sourced and is available on Linux
Lithuanian police switched to LibreOffice
Government of India Banks on ownCloud for DigiLocker Project

00:52:07 GalliumOS

Joe gave us his first (and uncharacteristically positive) impressions of this Xubuntu-based replacement OS for x86 Chromebooks.

01:00:19 Feedback

We’ve mentioned a few times on the show how PayPal junks existing subscriptions when your credit card details change. So a huge thank you to Lars Falk-Petersen for noticing that this had happened, and for not only updating his details but also more than back-filling the missing months. Thanks, Lars, and to all of our other Monthly Supporters for your continuing support.

Desktop email clients clearly matter to a lot of you, and we heard from Will, Ian Barton, CubicleNate and Rob Landley on this topic.

Our FOSS Talk Live chat touched upon issues around freedom, and both m a r and Magnus pitched in with thoughts on licensing and holding manufacturers to account.

Wrapping things up, it was great to hear from Gavin, who told us about how at least some libraries in the UK are being used to help spread the word about free software.

01:13:45 Lumina Desktop Environment

Having just reached the 1.0 milestone, we took the *nix-agnostic Lumina desktop environment for a spin. There’s clearly a pressing need for some expert UI/UX input to the project, but even with a bit more spit and and polish could we see it becoming one of our go-to desktops?

Linux LudditesAs ever, we’d welcome your feedback about the show either here on our website, via a mail to show@, on Twitter and Gab @linuxluddites, or over at our Google Plus and Facebook Community pages.

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