Episode #76

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00:01:19 News
00:47:58 Syncthing
01:06:45 Feedback
01:22:11 Maru OS

Convergence comes in different forms, but it seems that Maru OS hit the sweet spot for Joe. And had we been been unfairly dismissive of Syncthing in the past? There was only one way to find out. We also brought you all the news from around the FOSS world, and rummaged through our bulging sack of feedback.

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00:01:19 News

The linux-stable security tree project
LXD 2.0 has been released!

Open-Source Processor Core Ready For IoT
The time that Tony Fadell sold me a container of hummus

Remix OS 2.0 now available for Nexus 9 and 10, brings multi-window & other features from PC version

WhatsApp’s Signal Protocol integration is now complete
WhatsApp Rolls Out End-To-End Encryption to its Over One Billion Users
Signal Desktop beta now publicly available

The future of Firefox is … Chrome
U.S. newspapers threaten to sue Brave browser maker over ad-blocking scheme
IAB Primer on Ad Blocking for Publishers Leans Toward Carrots Over Sticks

Interpreting, enforcing and changing the GNU GPL, as applied to combining Linux and ZFS
Free Software Foundation Issues Statement in Support of Community’s ZFS Concerns
How Should the Free Software Movement View the Linux Foundation?

00:47:58 Syncthing

After a gentle nudge from several listeners, we took the latest version of Syncthing for a spin. It’s certainly come on in leaps and bounds functionality-wise since your Luddites last looked at it, but is that enough to make it a consumer-friendly piece of software?

01:06:45 Feedback

A huge thank you to David Laczko and an anonymous donor for joining our band of Monthly Supporters — we really do appreciate your support.

It would appear that talking about Microsoft still raises questions for some, and the hackles of others. Thanks to Floyd Wallace, Florian, Richard Walker and Bruce for your observations and comments.

And thanks to Dameon Carolls for again raising the issue of whether it is sufficient for parents to parent, or if we need a nanny state to protect the minds of our offspring. No prizes for guessing that we sided with Dameon, and thought that government should keep well out of it.

01:22:11 Maru OS

Still in beta, Maru OS is an Android ROM with a difference — it also gives you a fully functional and standard Linux desktop when you connect your phone to an external display. Joe and Jesse caught up with Preetam D’Souza, the lead developer of the project, to find out more.

Linux LudditesAs ever, we’d welcome your feedback about the show either here on our website, via a mail to show@, on Twitter @linuxluddites, or over at our Google Plus and Facebook Community pages.

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Episode #75

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00:02:48 News
00:54:34 Feedback
01:16:04 Mosh

Ubuntu on FreeBSD, Ubuntu on Windows. At least one of our number thought the latter a great idea, but listen to the news to hear dissent amongst the ranks. We then took a rummage through a bursting postbag, and rounded off with Jesse bravely jumping into a Mosh pit.

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0:02:48 News

Red Hat becomes first $2b open-source company
No-Cost RHEL Developer Subscription now available
Debian Project Leader Elections 2016

UbuntuBSD Brings Ubuntu Atop The FreeBSD Kernel
Redox OS
Stali distribution smashes assumptions about Linux

How one developer just broke Node, Babel and thousands of projects in 11 lines of JavaScript
‘No regrets’ says chap who felled JavaScript’s Jenga tower – as devs ask: Have we forgotten how to code?

Nantes Métropole completes switch to LibreOffice (numbers)
French publishers join Swedish ‘Block Party’ to pester ad refuseniks

CloudFlare wants Tor to change or risk roadblocks
The Trouble with CloudFlare
Internet users don’t understand security or privacy, says survey

Android rooting bug opens Nexus phones to “permanent device compromise”
This is Android N’s freeform window mode

GoDaddy launches AWS-style servers and apps to build, test and scale cloud services

Ubuntu on Windows — The Ubuntu Userspace for Windows Developers
Running Bash on Ubuntu on Windows!
Linux Command Line on Windows

0:54:34 Feedback

A huge thank you to Steve Edwards, Christopher Hudson, Lars Falk-Petersen and Nikolaus Brauer for becoming our latest Monthly Supporters — thanks, guys!

Our recent interview with Jonathan Riddell was well received, and encouraged some of you, including Simon, to give Plasma 5 a spin. Blaine is also impressed by the new desktop, but recommended openSUSE Leap over Ubuntu to sit it atop. And Sid Vicious picked up on Jonathan’s comments about packaging, which we discussed a little further.

Ian Barton, Dennis and Will all wondered why we haven’t mentioned Syncthing whilst bemoaning the lack of a FOSS alternative to BTSync. Paddy explained why he’d previously dismissed it, but watch this space…

John flagged up the privacy aspect of the ubiquitous tracking currently employed by web advertising, and wondered if a slightly different approach might be more acceptable.

Kalle Eklund returned to the topic of the ‘TV tax’, and Mark suggested that the WeTek Play might be just what Joe’s looking for to consume his broadcast media.

1:16:04 Mosh

Jesse extolled the virtues of Mosh, an SSH replacement that offers many benefits, particularly for roaming mobile devices.

Linux LudditesAs ever, we’d welcome your feedback about the show either here on our website, via a mail to show@, on Twitter @linuxluddites, or over at our Google Plus and Facebook Community pages.

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Episode #74

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00:01:03 News
01:00:05 Feedback
01:20:13 Jonathan Riddell Interview

The KDE project has delivered several exciting new technologies over the last few months, so we thought it high time we spoke to somebody intimately involved to find out more. Our interview with Jonathan Riddell follows a full and varied news segment, your feedback, and the announcement of a new UK FOSS event.

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00:01:03 News

Expanding the Dell Portfolio of Ubuntu Laptops and Workstations
After 0 successful submissions, Google doubles top reward for hacking a Chromebook to $100,000
Chromecast takes 35% of the 42 million unit Global Digital Media Streamer Market in 2015, says Strategy Analytics

Running a mainline kernel on a cellphone or other mobile device looks a lot closer now
Millions of Android devices vulnerable to new Stagefright exploit

BBC micro:bit review: The free Raspberry Pi rival every kid will love
WD Labs, Raspberry Pi, ownCloud and Ubuntu
9.0 is the biggest ownCloud release so far
Yet Another Reason Why Ubuntu MATE 16.04 Will Rock
ProtonMail, the Easy-to-Use Encrypted Email Service, Opens Up to the Public
A preliminary analysis of High Priority Projects feedback

Let’s Encrypt: New Name, New Home for the Client
Let’s Encrypt: Our Millionth Certificate (and not just by cannibalising existing CAs)
A WebAssembly Milestone: Experimental Support in Multiple Browsers

Announcing SQL Server on Linux
Microsoft integrates Visual Studio with open-source Eclipse IDE
Microsoft submits new open-sourced networking components to Open Compute Project

01:00:05 Feedback

A huge thank you to Robert H Nunnally Jr for the PayPal donation, and to Amateur Zen Trading Company and Joseph Aczel for joining our trusty band of Monthly Supporters — thanks, guys!

We announced FOSS Talk Live 2016, a new — but hopefully to become regular — fixture on the UK FOSS calendar. The website has full details, but if you can make it down to London on the evening of Saturday 6th August, you’ll have the opportunity to meet not only the three Luddites, but also the Linux Voice guys, the team behind the Ubuntu Podcast and also Stuart Langridge and Dave MegaSlippers, drink copious amounts of beer, and gently mock us as we try to podcast from the confines of a pub. It promises — one way or another — to be a night to remember!

Following our recent look at Tiny Core, John got in touch to let us know that it made a great OS for a router he lashed together using an old PC and a couple of NICs.

Moving on to convergence, Will suggested that docks might once again become ubiquitous as convergence takes off, and your Luddites talked around the topic a little (with Paddy self-consciously failing to mention the only mobile dock that he owns!)

Over on Twitter, Robert Orzanna brought us back to the topic of web advertising. Paddy mentioned a thoughtful blog post from Peter-Paul Koch, and we also touched upon Opera’s introduction of native ad-blocking. This topic will run and run…

01:20:13 Jonathan Riddell Interview

Joe and Paddy recently caught up with Jonathan Riddell, and talked about some of the exciting project coming out of KDE, including Neon, Plasma Mobile, KDEConnect and Shashlik. A huge thank you to Jonathan for again finding time to spend with us.

Linux LudditesAs ever, we’d welcome your feedback about the show either here on our website, via a mail to show@, on Twitter @linuxluddites, or over at our Google Plus and Facebook Community pages.

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Episode #73

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0:01:14 News
0:54:30 Raspberry Pi 3
1:09:56 Feedback
1:15:53 Tiny Core 7

With MWC over for another year, we kicked off the news with a quick recap of the highlights from Barcelona, before contemplating the Mint debacle and explaining how the ZFS licensing issue has split community opinion.

Joe was lucky enough to get the inside scoop on the new Raspberry Pi 3 from Eben Upton himself, and reported back following his visit to Pi Towers. And we wrapped up the show by taking the new release of Tiny Core Linux for a spin.

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0:01:14 News

The most powerful Ubuntu phone is still not good enough
…but some people have been wowed by the demonstration of convergence
Intel Atom X3: $ 100 smartphone offers ‘Continuum’ with Android & Debian Linux

Android-x86 Officially Hooks Up With Remix OS Company
Jolla unveils new Sailfish OS smartphone, partnerships
Cyanogen mods let developers build what Google won’t allow

Microsoft confirms: Android-on-Windows Astoria tech is gone
Microsoft at last buys .NET-for-iOS, Android vendor Xamarin
Miguel de Icaza and his ostracization from FOSS

Linux Mint Forum Database Compromised for at Least a Month Before Announcement
Monthly News – February 2016
Why the Linux Mint hack is an indicator of a larger problem

GPL Violations Related to Combining ZFS and Linux
The Linux Kernel, CDDL and Related Issues

Beep Beep Yarr! failed to reach funding goal
BBC iPlayer ‘loophole’ to be closed soon, says culture secretary

ARM Announces Cortex-A32 IoT and Embedded Processor
Low cost add-on boards let Pi Zero do robotics

0:54:30 Raspberry Pi 3

With the Raspberry Pi 3 still embargoed but nearing launch, Joe recently visited the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s headquarters for a sneak behind the scenes look. Whilst you can hear his exclusive interview with Eben Upton on the latest Pi Podcast, this show we talked about his first impressions now that the device has officially launched.

1:09:56 Feedback

A huge thank you to Martin M Pedersen and C. Barnett for your PayPal donations, and to all of our regular Monthly Supporters — thanks, guys!

Although we’re not directly paid to do so, we periodically sing the praises of Digital Ocean on the show. They really do offer a fantastic value for money VPS service, and if you sign up using our affiliate link we get a little kick-back down the road. So why not help us out by trying a service we know and love ourselves?

We also brought you the rather sad news that OggCamp will likely not be happening this year, unless some community members step up and help out. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed.

1:15:53 Tiny Core 7

Tiny Core Linux achieves exactly what it sets out to do. But it’s a bit of a strange beast, and the big question is probably how widely the goals of this Meccano-like distro resonate with the typical Linux desktop user?

Linux LudditesAs ever, we’d welcome your feedback about the show either here on our website, via a mail to show@, on Twitter @linuxluddites, or over at our Google Plus and Facebook Community pages.

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Episode #72

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0:01:17 News
0:40:10 Ubuntu Touch Redux
1:04:39 Feedback
1:09:50 Korora 23

With Canonical’s marketing team in full overdrive for Mobile World Congress, following the news we fire up the latest Ubuntu Touch images to see how well the convergence hoopla meshes with delivered reality. And, after your feedback, we put the Fedora-based Korora 23 under the spotlight.

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0:01:17 News

Samsung ports Tizen to Raspberry Pi to spur adoption
Manjaro Now Available for Raspberry Pi
Raspbian Now Ships With Experimental Support For The New VC4 OpenGL Driver

Google Releases ION OpenGL Open-Source Library
Vulkan 1.0 Specification Released: Drivers & Games Inbound
SamsaraJS library takes on performance issues

Meet Linux’s little brother: Zephyr, a tiny open-source IoT RTOS
ARM Announces New Cortex-R8 Real-Time Processor

OpenKey – The Two-factor Authentication & Password Solution
Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4S packaging will double as VR goggles

Is Docker ditching Ubuntu Linux? Confusion reigns
Docker, Alpine, Ubuntu, and You
ZFS is *the* FS for Containers in Ubuntu 16.04!
ZFS Licensing and Linux

A Skeleton Key of Unknown Strength
Backdoored Linux Mint, and the Perils of Checksums
Mint forum users should change their passwords
Pwn2Own organisers decide to stop shooting fish in a barrel

Tory government’s war on porn: Age verification proposed for all smut sites
HMRC is to tax OpenStack cloud with UK citizens’ data

0:40:10 Ubuntu Touch Redux

With Ubuntu gearing up for an important few days at Mobile World Congress 2016, we thought it time to revisit Ubuntu Touch to see exactly how well the platform, and particularly the convergence vision, was shaping up.

1:04:39 Feedback

A huge thank you to Robert Forster and Matthew Vaughan for your PayPal donations, and to all of our regular Monthly Supporters — thanks, guys!

We didn’t receive a vast amount of feedback about the last show, but our thanks go out to Topikissa, Morten and Will for their comments, and to Sean Champ on Facebook.

1:09:50 Korora 23

Waiting on the RPM Fusion team for three months can’t have been much fun, but eventually they caught up with Fedora which meant that Korora 23 was able to be pushed out of the door. And with Korora offering several variants, your Luddites got to report back on both the base distro, plus three different sets of desktop candy.

Linux LudditesAs ever, we’d welcome your feedback about the show either here on our website, via a mail to show@, on Twitter @linuxluddites, or over at our Google Plus and Facebook Community pages.

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