Episode #33

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In the last fortnight, Joe started a personal podcast project, Jesse upgraded from Mint 17.0 to 17.1 and, shockingly, found little had changed, and Paddy has been looking into OpenSMTPD, which may well offer an escape route from the ridiculously over-featured likes of Exim and Postfix for the Linux sysadmin.

0:06:36   News

Odds ‘n’ Sods
OpenMandriva Indiegogo
Introducing the MintBox Mini
Moving steam’s .local folder deletes all user files on Linux

Gogo Inflight Internet is intentionally issuing fake SSL certificates
Netflix Cracks Down on VPN and Proxy “Pirates”
‘Silk Road Reloaded’ Just Launched on a Network More Secret than Tor
Did David Cameron Just Say He Wants To Undermine All Encryption In The UK?
Secret US cybersecurity report: encryption vital to protect private data
Google No Longer Provides Patches for WebView Jelly Bean and Prior

Google’s plan to become your phone company
Cyanogenmod nightlies for 31 phones drop
Mobile Industry Generated $3.3 Trillion Last Year, Created 11 Million Jobs
Samsung debuts its first Tizen phone – the Z1- in India

CES 2015
Snail Games introduces 3D gaming smartphone
The Linux penguin in your TV
Three ex-Google engineers have created a Microsoft Surface clone
Linux-based gadget charges mobiles wirelessly at up to 15 feet
Intel introduces Compute Stick with Atom quad-core CPU

And, with so many products of dubious value featuring at CES this year, we had a brief chat about the apparent backlash against tech ‘progress’ that’s starting to become more vocal. During the conversation, mention was made of the Microsoft/Nokia 215 Internet-ready phone.

1:10:56   Feedback

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Herg returned to the topic of Wikipedia’s annual fundraising drive, and made the astute observation that rather than cash, the contributions best able to secure the quality of content there would be our time and effort in keeping the site up to date and accurate.

Nigel Verity suggested that the commercial use of quadcopters for delivery purposes would likely lead to the rise of a new urban sport of “drone-jacking”; and klaatu seemed to totally buy-in to our thoughts last time on alternative means of derivative distro distribution.

Florian and Ian Barton chipped in with comments on network configuration in the shell, and Joe was positively glowing following Fin’s complimentary words about the music used in the show.

Nathan D Smith and Joel offered some real-world perspective on live kernel patching; and Joel had some thoughts about Chromebooks, a topic also referred to by Daniel, who kindly linked to a website with alternative firmware for many common models.

Brindleoak wondered if perhaps Arch is the “one distro to rule them all”, and thanks also to Will for fleshing out some of Jesse’s thoughts on that subject.

We wrapped up with another comment from Will, who is keeping his fingers crossed that Mozilla’s Firefox OS might become a practical and free mobile platform. But Will had also some doubts on that score; to find out if they were justified, listen to our next segment ;)

1:27:56   Firefox OS Phone Review

At the time of recording, the ZTE Open C was the only mobile phone shipping in the UK with Firefox OS as the factory installed image.

Whilst a decidedly shonky bit of kit, Mozilla clearly believes this £40/$60 phone is a suitable platform to showcase its operating system – so how does it stack up? And does FFOS compare favourably against Android on the same hardware? Listen on to find out.

Paddy is keeping hold of the ZTE, so as and when Mozilla push out any future major release of FFOS he’ll be able to report back on the progress they’ve made.

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Episode #32

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Does Samsung’s Touchwiz for Android point towards the need for one Linux disro to rule them all? Is Joe about to ditch his beloved Firefox browser? Will Paddy ever have anything to share in these intro pieces? And just how many podcasts can one man record over a two week period?

Note that whilst the Christmas special of the Mind Tech Podcast Joe spoke about is great fun, it’s most definitely NSFW.

0:17:47   News

Mostly Mobile
The transparent Fx0 will finally make you want a Firefox OS phone
Crouton for Chromebooks: Run Ubuntu in a browser tab
How Android beat iOS in 2014, and vice versa
Android Hardware Profits Tanked in 2014

Script Kiddies enjoy some time off school
Krebs makes it personal
Lizard Squad’s Xbox Live, PSN attacks were a ‘marketing scheme’ for new DDoS service
Sony compensate affected users
Chaos Computer Club claims it can reproduce fingerprints from people’s public photos
German minister fingered as hacker ‘steals’ her thumbprint from a PHOTO
German minister photo fingerprint ‘theft’ seemed far too EASY, wail securobods
EFF: Law enforcement ‘desperately’ trying to hide use of surveillance cell towers
This App Claims to Know When Police Are Tracking You with Fake Cell Towers

Odds ‘n’ Sods
ROSA Desktop Fresh R5 Release Notes
Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center (OpenELEC) v5 Released
ZevenOS 6.0 – Goodbye Edition
Yahoo Directory Closes, Five Days Early
Two Internet History Podcast shows about the rise of Yahoo!

Upstream & Development
Updating the Linux Kernel Without Restart Could Arrive Soon for Users
Builder, An IDE of our GNOME

0:53:17   Off the Beaten Path

Jesse introduced us to Linconnect, a GPLv3 project which provides a simple way to view your Android notifications on a Linux desktop. In passing, Paddy mentioned the slightly more comprehensive – but proprietary – Pushbullet.

1:00:40   Feedback

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Jesse mentioned a plug we got on the Windows-focused Admin Admin Podcast; and, as ever, thanks to everyone for your emails, website comments, and feedback on Twitter and Google Plus.

Nathan D Smith, Steven Rosenberg and SonOfNed all got in touch following our cursory look at Fedora 21. And yes – whisper it softly – we did find GNOME Shell no longer to be a thing of nightmares. To be honest, I think that this is going to be a big year for the GNOME cabal, as various pieces (including the IDE mentioned in the News) come together to create a coherent eco-system based around that desktop. It’s entirely possible that with Canonical pursuing similar goals in their own space, this year could mark the beginning of a fracturing of the commonality of the entire Linux space into three competing eco-systems: Red Hat compliant distros, Ubuntu and direct derivatives, and everyone else. So there’s another prediction for 2015, but since nobody reads these show notes, one I don’t expect to be held to ;)

SonOfNed flagged up a potential issue for those commenting here on our website. If anyone else has experienced difficulties, please do get in touch.

Michael Tatum tried to help Paddy (and Joe, as it turns out) get around Google’s desire to push you towards the new version of Drive; whilst Phil and Ian Barton weighed in with praise for Syncthing. And it was good to hear from Damian Nowak that his VirtKick project, which we briefly mentioned last show, had achieved a strong funding result.

SonOfNed wrote in with agreement about Paddy’s comments on the likely disruptive impact of containerisation on the Linux desktop environment; whilst Nathan D Smith offered some thoughts about atomic update processes.

Ivor O’Connor and Joel both wondered why torrents aren’t used more frequently for distro distribution; and Joel also commented on distro installation without the need for the usual full CD/DVD ISO image.

Thanks again to everyone who got in touch, and please keep it coming. We’re always striving to make the show something that’s relevant and interesting to as broad a range of people as we can, and your feedback – even the brickbats – helps us immensely in that regard!

1:17:52   2015 Predictions

We offered our obligatory predictions for the coming year; with Jesse and Joe coming up with specifics that we’ll be able to check back on in twelve month’s time, and Paddy being somewhat vaguer, other than mentioning his belief that this will be a big year for Nuzzel.

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Episode #31

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0:08:50   News

Announcing Fedora 21
Fedora 21 so popular on release day, it’s overloading all things Fedora
High traffic on the package repositories for Linux Mint 17.1
Trinity Desktop Environment R14.0.0 Released

Fact of the day: Some 45% of Americans say they or a household member have been notified by a credit card company, financial institution or retailer that their credit card information had possibly been stolen as part of a data breach
An extensive set of X.org vulnerabilities
‘Critical’ security bugs dating back to 1987 found in X Window
Powerful, highly stealthy Linux trojan may have infected victims for years
The ‘Penquin’ Turla
12 Million Home Routers Vulnerable to Takeover

Certification Frenzy
Mozilla to Support Certificate Transparency in Firefox (what is CT?)
Marking HTTP As Non-Secure
Google Proposes Marking ‘HTTP’ as Insecure in 2015

Freescale enables wireless charging for tablets and other large gadgets
Google’s surprise: ODF support launches ahead of schedule
BitTorrent launches invite-only alpha of Project Maelstrom, the first torrent-based browser
Project Maelstrom detailed: More info about BitTorrent’s vision for a peer-to-peer web
Researchers Make Bittorrent Anonymous And Impossible To Shut Down
Heads up! If Tor VANISHES over the weekend, this is why

Canonical clarify Unity 8 desktop experience expectations
Always visible menus hopefully to return for Unity in 15.04
Shuttleworth announces new Snappy Ubuntu Core
UT One Ubuntu Tablet Delayed; Rooted Android Device May Come Instead

Indiegogo campaign for VirtKick, a 100% Open Source orchestration setup similar to the likes of Digital Ocean; interview with one of the founders
Securing the future of GnuPG
Andromium launch a Kickstarter for their ‘desktop on Android’ platform

1:01:37   Fedora 21 Workstation First Impressions

You’ve probably heard talk of Fedora 21 incessantly on every other Linux podcast you listen to over the last couple of weeks. But this genuinely is a major release, so we felt duty bound to take a quick look. Our verdict? Surprisingly positive, despite the Anaconda installer remaining a test of intelligence totally at variance with the lack of nous needed to drive Fedora’s desktop of choice.

1:25:11   Feedback

A huge thank you to SonOfNed and our regular Monthly Supporters for your PayPal donations, and to johanv for keeping things ticking along on Flattr. Really, thanks guys :)

Linux Voice magazine recently published an article by Les Pounder about the demise of the Linux Outlaws podcast. A big thank you to Les, and the guys from LV, for featuring our humble show so prominently amongst the list of other podcasts that the reader might enjoy; and to Dan and Fab themselves, for their kind words on the last ever episode of Linux Outlaws.

Following Paddy’s speculation last show that Wikipedia’s annual begathon fund-raising drive might have more to do with feeding that organisations insatiable thirst for growth rather than fulfilling a genuine need, Herg got in touch to echo those sentiments from his position as a former member of a Wikimedia chapter.

What would the Linux ecosystem look like if Debian were to wither and die? That was the question posed to us by SonOfNed, and I can’t help but feel that we didn’t spend long enough exploring the topic.

Brian, Steven Rosenberg and Moritz all got in touch following out interview with Ikey Doherty last show. Although very positive about Ikey’s work on Evolve OS and the Budgie Desktop, another theme to emerge from their comments was also reflected in a different context by FiftyOneFifty, who wondered why those building derivative distros – which isn’t the case with Ikey – insist on spinning their own full ISOs, rather than just providing the environment they want to give us via ‘theme packs’ or meta-packaging. A damn good question, and I feel we dodged around the frequent cause on the show.

1:34:12   2014 Predictions Revisited

We looked back at our predictions from last year, and found we’d managed a reasonable hit rate. But as for next year… well, that’s next show. And we’d like to hear your predictions too; so do drop us a line, or leave a comment below.

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