The Linux Luddites are Joe, Paddy and Jesse, all of whom hail from the UK. Every two weeks we produce a show where we try all the latest free and open source software and then decide that we like the old stuff better.

Joe is a musician and was co-host of the late Mind Tech podcast. He is also a frequent guest host on the mintCast podcast. Joe also organised the first immensely successful FOSS Talk Live event in London, 2016. You can follow Joe on Twitter.

Paddy is slightly older, slightly grumpier, slightly less funny and slightly more knowledgeable.

Jesse is a (now chartered!) mechanical engineer with five years of home desktop Linux usage under his belt. Those years haven’t made him a guru, but have increased his Google-fu immeasurably. Jesse also lurks on Twitter.

You can download our theme tune as either ogg or mp3.


The Luddites at OggCamp 2014


Linux Luddites

Rockin’ the stage at FOSS Talk Live, London 2016