Podcast #15 (Ogg)

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In the News, some more Canonical own goals, continuing Heartbleed fallout, (un?)welcome changes in browser land, a promising new Linux desktop, and a whole lot more.

As usual, we received a sackful of perceptive and thoughtful Feedback this show. As mentioned on the audio, keep it coming; but please consider using the commenting facility on our website rather than email, so that others can benefit from your thoughts in full. We only have time to read out short extracts on the show, so there’s a lot of value out there that the broader community is missing out on. Thanks!

We shelved some of our regular programming to bring you an in-depth interview with Campbell Barton of the Blender Foundation. Besides talking about Blender itself, we took the opportunity to discuss Campbell’s experiences of development within a large and complex software project – so there is plenty of meat here for everyone listening. Once again, a huge thank you to Campbell for making the time to speak with us.

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