Podcast #21 (Ogg)

Direct download link: Ogg

In the News this show, openSUSE bringing out a rolling release; two initiatives from the EFF; several apparent wins for the FOSS community; and a storm in a teacup over Android security, albeit one that illustrates a valid underlying point.

Jesse took a look at RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi in First Impressions, and Paddy caught the bullet of another KDE distro for next time.

After a few words about OggCamp and your Feedback, we spun up Zorin OS 9, a distro that promises much for the Windows refugee. How does it deliver?

We ended the show Over a Pint, talking about how much we really can trust our software – even when the source code is available.

Head on over to our website for full show notes with links to everything we talked about, and for an opportunity to comment. You’ll also find that we’ve started time-stamping the main sections of the podcast in those notes, which should help if you are pushed for time and want to directly skip to a particular segment.

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