Podcast #22 (Ogg)

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In the News this show, the UK’s privacy tsar gives a clean bill of health to Ubuntu’s Shopping Lens; ‘BadUSB’ proves to actually be really rather bad; two cloud companies show they’re thinking about the children; and more FOSS wins. We also talked about new chips from IBM, Intel and NVIDIA.

Paddy gave us his First Impressions of MEPIS, whilst DistroWatch’s Random Button handed Joe the Slackware-based AUSTRUMI to look at next time.

After your Feedback, we talked with Jonathan Nadeau about the new release of his Sonar GNU/Linux distro, and the state of Linux accessibility in general.

And we rounded things off with Jesse telling us about Hugin, which is one of his favourite free software photo manipulation tools.

Head on over to our website for full show notes with links to everything we talked about, and for an opportunity to comment. You’ll also find that we’ve started time-stamping the main sections of the podcast in those notes, which should help if you are pushed for time and want to directly skip to a particular segment.

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